Toilets and showers

If you have just arrived in Te Anau, or you are spending a day in Te Anau, then never fear; we have some great public toilets! We like to think they are the best public toilets in New Zealand, and possibly the world!

They are next to Lions Park on the lake front, although there is a fee to use them of $1. (Free to pre-schoolers and their parents however.) This is $1 well spent - not only are the toilets impeccably clean, but they also feature local art! It's basically an art gallery where you can also pee. 

You can also grab a shower here; a good option if you have just been camping in a national park campsite and need to clean up!   

There are also free toilets at the back of Kiwi Country, a tourist gift shop half way down the main street, and of course toilets in our many lovely cafes.