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Scenic flights - Te Anau - Manapouri Airport, Fiordland

A light aeroplane is a great way to see Fiordland from the skies in good weather. Not only do we have a choice of plane providers, but you can also fly by float plane directly from Lake Te Anau, by simply wandering down to the lake front from the main street and stepping on board! 

If you fly in a plane you can cover bigger distances than in a helicopter, and see more for the same amount of money, so if a landing is not important to you during your scenic flight, then a plane is a good option.

Te Anau and Manapouri Airport

We have a brand new airport on the road between Te Anau and Manapouri. From here, you can pick up flights that are great value for money. You can also use our airport as your arrival terminal if travelling to Fiordland from Queenstown by plane. In the near future, you will also be able to fly from here on Te Anau's special treasure - a vintage Dakota DC-3.

Milford Sound and Hollyford airstrips

The air strips in Milford Sound and the start of the Hollyford valley are another great option for starting your scenic plane flight; and picking up a flight here can be a cost-effective way to see the Fiordland coast by plane. They are also great places to pick up a flight to get you to the start of a multi-day tramp. From here, planes can fly you to, and land on, beaches on the west coast, from where you can start your tramp back to civilisation (or to another assigned plane pick up point). Options for beach landings are Martins Bay, Big Bay and Gorge River. 

Flying isn't just a summer option. A winter flight on a fine day can give you remarkably clear visibility of up to 100km.

Scenic flight - Te Anau, Milford Sound, Big Bay, Martins Bay

Browse our list of local plane companies below: 

Airscapade Affairs

Air Fiordland 

Fly Fiordland

Milford Sound Scenic Flights

Wings and Water (float plane in Te Anau)

A historic bi-plane, the De Havilland DH89B Dominie, is a chance to take to the Fiordland skies in a piece of history. To book, contact Te Anau Lodge

Weather dependent
It's worth remembering that flying is a safety-critical business and therefore weather dependent. Sometimes a flight may not be possible due to bad weather.

Hydroplane - scenic flights from Te Anau above Fiordland