Parks and Playgrounds

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Park 1

As well as having 1.2 million hectares of wilderness on our doorstep, Te Anau also has some great parks. 

Ivon Wilson Park 

Ivon Wilson Park is 35 hectares of park land planted with native and exotic trees, with a lovely lake in the middle and plenty of paths and benches. It's where residents go with their children and dogs for a run around. Ivon Wilson Park also has a fantastic mountain biking trail.

Ivon Wilson Park is also the home of our fabulous Nature Discovery kindergarten programme for Te Anau's pre-school children, who spend one day a week running around this park in all weathers, making mud pies, building dens and toasting marshmallows! In Te Anau we believe in giving our children a love of nature, and starting them young!

To get to Ivon Wilson Park, you  walk south on the lake front, on our beautiful lake walkway for about 15 minutes. When you reach the yacht club you simply cross over the road to enter the park. Alternatively, you can cycle there. If you have to drive, then there is parking at the front of the park. 

Lions Park 

Lions Park is where you go if you like swings and slides. It's also right on the lakefront and just round the corner from the main street if you are walking north. If you keep going north around the lakefront you get to the marina where Te Anau folk park their boats. Here there is another set of swings and slides, also on the lakefront. 

Three more lovely parks 

We just love our green space! Yes there are three more parks in town; Te Anau Memorial Gardens, Te Anau Domain, and Fergus Square. These are all beautiful open spaces within the main part of the town, where you can relax and listen to native bird song. 

Yes, there's even a skate park 

Our skate park is in Te Anau Memorial Park, at the end furthest away from the lake, near the Community Events Centre.