Great Annual Nude Tunnel Run

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nude-run-1No town would be complete without a naked event! Welcome to the Great Annual Nude Tunnel Run, which isn't entirely naked because you are allowed to wear running shoes and a head torch. Why a head torch? Because it takes place along the length of our world-famous road tunnel, the Homer Tunnel. The Homer Tunnel was laboriously dug out by labourers between 1935 and 1953 and is 1.2 km long. 

Competitors run from east to west (towards Milford Sound) and the fastest woman is rewarded with a naked statue of Barbie, and the fastest man with a naked statue of Ken. 

As you can tell, this is a classy event. However, as pointed out on the run's website, being naked is "invigorating, natural and beautiful; non-perverse, and a great way to make new friends and something we should all do more often." 

The event is also commendable because it was invented by Rosco, the "Mayor of Milford" and owner of Rosco's Milford Kayaks, an awesome kayak company operating in Milford Sound. Rosco is the undefeated, six-times winner of the Homer to Home race (discontinued for safety reasons in 2004) which involved cycling at speeds of more than 80km down the hair pin bends between the Homer Tunnel and Milford Sound. Clearly a man not to mess with, so you better get your kit off and run through the tunnel if he tells you to. 

Find out more and see a few bottoms at the Great Annual Tunnel Run page of the Rosco's Milford Kayaks website.