about Te Anau community webWe love to use facebook to share news and stories about Te Anau and Manapouri.

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We aren't the only facebook page about our wonderful towns. There are other great facebook pages for residents and visitors too. Here are top favourites:

About Te Anau
A lovely page celebrating everything that is Te Anau, with pictures and commercial and non-commercial promotions, administered by a long-term Te Anau resident. 

Te Anau On-line Garage Sale   
What it says on the tin. Residents sell their stuff to you second-hand. Brilliant for a bargain! 

Te Anau Community Information  
A free-for-all page which often includes chat between residents about issues of the day. 

Te Anau Plunket 
A great little page for the little one's parents. Tells you about activities for new parents.